Recipe from Liz Young and Jan Weidner

Last week Nigel and I invited ourselves over to Liz an Jan’s house for dinner.  We actually had spring rolls made with brown rice wrappers, but Liz loves to make these with Collards.  A truly delicious way to enjoy a variety of goodies from the box.

Collard Greens, bottom stem removed

Lunchbox Peppers, tops with seeds removed, sliced into matchsticks

Thinly sliced Onion

Chopped fresh Parsley, Mint and Basil

Chopped Tomato

Some cooked Quinoa

Cucumbers and or Carrots, sliced into matchsticks


Blanch the collards very quickly, just to soften them a bit.  Put all the chopped ingredients into their own little individual bowls, the cooked quinoa as well.  Using one leaf of collards, put on a little bit of any or all of the ingredients, then roll up.  You can put the humus in the wrap or dip as you go along.  Enjoy!