Photo Credit: Kelly from

Photo Credit: Kelly from

The last of the Tomato Sauce Parties was this past weekend, and that was the last of the overnight events on the farm for the year.  A couple of our members took us up on the offer to spend one more night.  Kelly and Cole enjoyed a quiet afternoon under the trees in the orchard, watched an amazing sunset, popped up to the house in the morning to “borrow” some butter for their breakfast and shared a few biscuits and Highwire Coffee with us.  I was so happy they chose to stay the extra night; this is your farm to enjoy and escape to, and that is exactly what they did.  In the next week or so The Nest At Eatwell Farm will be ready for visitors; it’s a brand new Lotus Belle tent, kitted out with organic linens, king sized bed and hopefully a bit of whimsical Arabian Nights feel to it. 

Beautifully situated in the first row of the orchard, right next to the lavender field, The Nest is a place of retreat, rest and relaxation. You can wander and enjoy the farm, pick strawberries, tomatoes or peppers, cook if you like up in the greenhouse.  If you are a cyclist this is a fantastically flat area with long country roads, and the ride over to Winters is really beautiful. 

The town of Winters was established in 1875, and still maintains that very charming old time western town feel.  Brick buildings line the downtown, great restaurants, a few of the local wineries have tasting rooms, just outside of town is Berryessa Gap Brewery and then there is The Palms for some night time entertainment. Winters is only about a 10 minute drive from the farm.  Here’s a link for a bit more info: . 

We are hoping to sign up with HipCamp and/or AirBnB, but in the meantime if anyone is interested please give me a call 530-554-3971.  The rate is $150.00 a night, we do have sleeping pads if you want to bring kids along.  Farm cooked meals can be provided for an additional charge, including the option of our farm breakfast either here in the farmhouse kitchen or brought out to you in the orchard.  One last thought, holidays are approaching and a weekend on the farm would make a truly delightful and thoughtful gift.