There are so many descriptions on egg cartons these days, they are all designed to confuse you. The hen house in the top part of the picture is cage free. It could be cage free, organic or not. This picture was shared with me, so I cannot say. There is obviously a very big difference in the environment and the costs of raising the birds. I have always said that the best way to make a choice is to educate yourself. One great way is to come and see the girls on your farm. In May, we will have Strawberry days every weekend. The dates will be released at the end of January. 

Around the house we have the first signs of spring with the Paperwhites flowering. Our first tomatoes will be sown this week at the nursery. Our winter break is so short compared to Mid Western farmers. We are barely finished in the fall and I have to finalize my plans, order seed, and send it to Headstart Nursery. I am waiting on seeds from Italy for the San Marzano tomatoes. They were a great favorite last year, so I am making sure I get the same varieties. I would be in trouble with some members’ Italian grandmothers if I messed that one up.