Our dear friends Jan and Liz have been up the last couple of days helping out around the house.  It is amazing how much work gets done when you have a few extra hands!  The front of the house was cleaned up, banana tree trimmed (seriously!) and new bananas planted.  Even my two roses were planted and it all looks so beautiful.  What a joy to walk out the front door. Jan moved my umbrella clothes line to the back of the house and that, probably more than anything, makes me really happy! 

They were out early this morning when Liz got a nice shot of the hot air balloons flying.  Looking out at the hills between us and Lake Berryessa, you can see the fog creeping on over.  That is always a signal that balloons will be flying on our side of the hills rather than the Napa side.  Those hills protect us from the cool fog that blankets Napa and Sonoma Counties.  With our long warm season, we are able to continue growing strawberries and tomatoes later in the season.  As much as I am ready for the cooler, darker days of winter, I am happy to see the fog on the OTHER side of the hills.