Understanding that we have to change the way we work and live, to live more gently, I realize there are thousands of little things Nigel would do in a day without any thought.  Driving around the farm, he could see ten different things that need addressing, stuff that needs ordering, fixing or replacing.  By the time he drove back up to the house he could have made 5 phone calls taking care of most of it.  A highly efficient man, is my husband.  BUT most importantly he is filled with an incredible amount of knowledge and he has always loved sharing that knowledge.  We have come to realize that we need an intern.  We need someone who speaks Spanish - to be a go between the crew and the office, someone who isn't afraid of farm work - to give the crew an extra hand, to drive the truck, and help at the market, but most importantly someone to learn from Nigel.  Part of relieving stress is making sure your work brings your soul great joy, teaching brings Nigel that kind of joy.  Having someone he can train to be his eyes, would help reduce stress.  Having someone working with Jose will help relieve Jose's stress.  Hopefully this will help us live a more gentle life.