Hard to believe it is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday!  Nigel and I have so much to be thankful for; the support and love of our family, and friends who we consider family, our crew who make up our big extended family, and you, our CSA family.  We are also very thankful that Nigel is getting stronger and better every day.  Although he goes back to UCSF right after Thanksgiving this week, we are focusing on and relishing the farm life we get to live. This year, we are gathering at the farm to celebrate the abundance the land brings. We will go out to harvest much of what we need for our feast and then gather in the kitchen to cook together.  There isn't much that makes me happier than having everyone working together in my kitchen.  We are attempting to scale the feast back a bit this year, but still its going to be a lot of food. Some of the farm grown highlights of our feast includes one of my all time favorite holiday dishes Collard Greens Gratin (you can find the recipe on bonappetit.com) as well as roasted butternuts, turnips with fennel and leeks.  I am thankful for this land that provides an abundance of delicious, nourishing food, and for the crew who has kept it all going this past year.  Jose does such a great job of keeping the machine that is this farm operating.  Connie has really done an amazing job, not only as the CSA manager, but the events coordinator, spokesperson for Eatwell at countless events; she has become quite the champion for Eatwell.  It is an enormous task getting the boxes out this week because of all the schedule changes to accommodate a Thursday holiday.  As I sit here on Monday morning writing my newsletter bits, I am very thankful we have a break in the rain. Even though it will be muddy out there, it is really no fun harvesting in the rain.  And since this is the week we express our thanks more than most weeks I would like to say I am most grateful for my husband who changed my world and brought me home.