Most of you have read about Nigel's bananas he has planted in front of our house.  It thrills him to no end to watch them grow, see the giant bud form and open, and then watch that hand of bananas grow.  In October, when Jan and Liz were here, they helped Nigel by planting the new trees we had in pots and with the trimming of our existing tree.  That one produced bananas last year and they were delicious!  It is not easy growing bananas in regions of frost.  You want them to stay on the tree as long as possible, but you need to make sure you cut them off before the first real frost.  Last week, as the nights were growing colder, we were watching the temps closely.  Although the weather forecast was not showing actual frost Monday night, Nigel made the decision to cut the hand. Wednesday morning we woke up to a lot of frost.  I guess a farmer with years experience just knows.