I enjoy having the bags of stir fry mix, it makes adding some greens to a dish super easy.  I often like to sneak a bit of finely chopped greens into dishes where you wouldn't necessarily find them, like meatloaf or sausage rolls.  The smaller, more tender leaves are really perfect.  That's my way of looking at crops - from the kitchen, but from the farm's vantage point there is a completely different reason for the Stir Fry Mix and that is to thin the rows out a bit.  As Nigel likes to say - farming is one big gamble and one of the ways you hedge your bet is by over planting.  You never know what might happen to a particular planting or a large portion of your crop. The squirrels in the pumpkins this year is a great example.  In the case of the greens, we plant more seeds than what we want in the beds, thinning them out is a necessary task. The young small plants are perfect for a bag of mixed greens.  The truth is a lot of food goes to waste on every farm, at least this is one solution that helps.  This picture above shows a tender baby bok choy.