I have come to realize my favorite section on the farm is the orchard.  Maybe because I grew up in Forest Hill surrounded by trees or because many of my earliest memories are climbing one of the giant pines in our backyard?  Maybe it is my crazy love of the Redwoods. Who knows? I just love walking through the orchard. 

What you will find out there right now are citrus trees teaming with fruit.  The lush green leaves contrasted by bright yellows of the pomelo and orange mandarins are beautiful, it just makes mehappy. I never thought of winter as a fruit season, but I now see it so differently, literally.  This weekend the crew is picking the mandarins and we are hoping we have enough for everyone's share this week.  I ate one on my walk and it was, to my taste, perfect, sweet with enough acid.  The lemon trees look quite full, not yet ripe, but promising.  Let's keep our fingers crossed the frost ends soon and doesn't get any colder.