We grow one acre of heirloom wheat every year which we mill into flour. This is some of the the tastiest and freshest flour around. Consider that regular milled flour is atleast four weeks old when you buy it at the supermarket.

straight out of the combine the wheat has some straw and a few weed seeds in it. Many years ago I found a small seed cleaner in the back shed of a seed company in Woodland. This baby on the trailer is over fifty years old but still running great. A new one is $8,000. Our friends at Tierra Vegetables north of Santa Rosa needed one to clean their beans. It made sense for us to share it. Wayne has put alot of work into upgrading the machine. 

The harvested crop passes over mesh trays which vibrate. The wheat falls though the small holes and the straw and other chaff keeps on going. Any really small debris falls though holes on another tray which are too big for the wheat. Simple and effective but noisy. 

He picked it up last Wednesday to go start cleaning his beans. We have cleaned our wheat so the next time we will need it is after harvest in June.  Farmers need to help each other. 

Wayne's Subaru showing it's farm truck abilities, again. 

Wayne's Subaru showing it's farm truck abilities, again.