This is really more of a reminder, Omelettes are delicious, quite simple, and great way to enjoy greens, particularly spinach and arugula.  I made us Omelettes the other night, using a bit of the green top from the onion, sautéed some mushroom and a bit of spinach.  This simple dish is really lovely on those nights when you are too tired to eat much, but you're hungry, and you don't want anything big or heavy.  I think the key to a delicious omelette is to not overlook and definitely do not overload the way American diners tend to do.  If you use spinach make sure to wash and dry it really well.  Spinach and arugula don't necessarily have to be cooked ahead of time, especially if you chop them fairly fine. 

I usually make a Two Egg Omelette, making sure the egg is extremely well beaten.  I add a splash of cream, a pinch of salt and some freshly ground black pepper.  I like to heat my pan slowly with butter, so I start it out on a low temp, then raise it to medium-low.  When the butter is bubbling I add the egg.  We watched a food program the other night where a French Chef said, you should NEVER hear the egg sizzle when it hits the pan, so make sure your heat is not too high.  Once in the pan, I let it sit a minute, and then stir. Sometimes I use a whisk in the pan and sometimes I go straight to a silicone spatula. Stir it all around, let it rest, and cook a bit more, then repeat.  I do this until is resembles large curd cottage cheese. Then I bang the pan to even it out and cook it another minute or so.  Using the silicone spatula, I begin to work the sides of omelette trying to release it all from the pan.  I add whatever my filling is to one side and then, when I am brave, I attempt to roll it out onto the plate.  When I am not so brave, I do it in the pan and sometimes it works and looks perfect and other times, well, we both love scrambled eggs, too.  Practice, practice, practice and patience!