Steering clear of Monsanto owned seed companies is not an easy task these days. They seem to be buying up every heirloom seed business. Vilmorin is a French seed company founded in 1743. These summer squash seed are for planting now. It is a little early, as the soil has not quite warmed up. I am happier to plant these varieties, as they are open pollinated and way cheaper than the hybrid varieties. Just a note ‘Hybrids’ are crosses of two parent lines, they are not genetically modified in any way. Hybridization is a traditional practice of horticulturalists.

The geese are laying and their eggs are going into the incubator. We need up to 100 goslings to eat the weeds in our orchard. The main weed we have left to deal with on the farm is Johnson Grass. It arrives each year in the irrigation water. Geese love Johnson Grass, so we will move them around the orchard and they will devour this grass. We will then have delicious Holiday Goose. Once we have enough goslings, we will sell the eggs. The Black Australorp chickens are laying nice medium sized eggs. These first eggs are rich and creamy. They are much loved by bakers and quite frankly make the best soft boiled eggs.