We wait until the grapes start to grow before we prune them. This has the effect of delaying flowering for a couple of weeks. By doing so, we reduce the risk of frost damaging the blossom. This years start of growth caught Jose and I off guard. The way above normal temperatures in February have brought the spring growth a couple of weeks forward. All our grapes are spur pruned. The grapes grow on shoots that we cut back to two buds from the main horizontal branches (laterals). Jose is cutting back last years growth to the two buds that we need, this is a spur. We keep them 6” apart on the lateral. In June, we will thin the grapes to the best bunch every 12”. Too much fruit and the grape size will be small. Chicken tractors have worked their way between the rows of grapes. This has provided the fertility that the vines will need this year. Table, eating grapes need this and much more water than wine grapes. You have to starve wine varieties to get the best wines. It is the opposite for the seedless eating kind.