It is not long now until our first Strawberry Day Event. The first flush of berries are filling out nicely. We hope to have fruit for your box in three weeks. We are pleased with the crop and the beds are full of plants. There are three varieties; Albion, Camarosa, and Seascape. The different varieties will spread the production over many weeks. 

We hope to continue coppicingthe Lombardy Poplars over the next two weeks. They are cut down to around one foot tall. New shoots will grow this summer and by the fall, we will select three new stems per stump. They will be about eight feet tall. If we left the tall trees in place, they would shade the strawberries and the roots would take moisture and nutrients from the berries. The trees will provide lumber, firewood, mushroom logs and mulch for the farm.

We are very happy with our garlic crop. Last Saturday, Ramon was able to cultivate the soil to remove any weeds present. This also aerates the soil after the heavy rains we have had. On the 18th of June we will have our annual Solstice Party Sleepover where we pick and braid Garlic. This is a sleepover event with camping in the garden and orchard. A potluck supper is followed by a campfire and star gazing. In the morning, we will all enjoy breakfast in the farmhouse followed by a walk around the farm.

Some of you will have our Tangelos in your harvest share this week. We need to plant more of these trees as they do well here. We need much more of this delicious fruit. There are still some Grapefruits, Navels and Pomelos for the rest of us. There will be a mixture of citrus provided in the boxes this week.

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