There is equipment on the farm that we use frequently and then there is this rolling cultivator. It cultivates and rolls soil onto the ridge where the potatoes are popping through the top now. We use it on three days out of the year, for an hour or so. It does a great job, which no other can. The rest of the year it rests and meditates on a nice grassy patch with other equipment.

Edwin calls me when he has a load of road rock or road grindings and is in our area. Last week, he brought us another load. This will be used for parking at The Nest this year. We hope to have it all up and running later in April. Lorraine already has bookings. If you want to book it for any of the events do so soon.

Daisy came rolling into the pack house area in the back of Agustin's pick-up truck. She had this look on her face, ‘I am behaving myself, let me ride around with the guys today.’ She apparently was waiting for the early morning feed truck, after clocking off from her night shift of keeping Coyotes away from the Chickens. She is very much one of us on the farm, taking her work seriously. Once she realized I was not going to send her back, she relaxed. She is almost nine years old and appears to be in great shape. Daisy is a guard dog, which is why we insist that she has no visitors of the four footed kind. Her job is to keep dogs away. Coyotes fear her and so should your dog. Please leave your dog at home when visiting the farm.