No real recipe here

I had this in last week's newsletter, but since we have Lemon Verbena in the share this week I wanted to include this suggestion again this week. I really enjoy Thai Food, but Dixon hasn't any Thai restaurants, not one!  But I find as long as I have coconut milk, fish sauce, and curry pastes on hand I can throw a meal together that satisfies my craving enough.  Since I have to drive nearly 30 minutes to get lemon grass and kafir lime leaves, I have learned that Lemon Verbena is a delicious substitute for those two ingredients.  Again, it has a fairly strong flavor, so start with a small amount. Chop finely and you can always add more later.  Thai Curry is a great way to use up anything leftover or misc items you didn't necessarily use all of: Chard, Potatoes, Stir Fry Mix, Garlic, even Fennel, they all can go into the pot.