I started growing sweet potatoes 21 years ago and have to admit it is one of the trickiest crops to grow consistently. There are a few things that I have to get right, such as, planting quickly and getting water on them so they do not dry out. Next, we need to keep them weed free, at least under the crop, until the canopy completely covers the beds. Finally, the watering can’t be too much or we get some delicious 7lb beauties.

After all that, we can get crops where one plant has just one big potato, and the very next one in the row has 20 very small ones of no use, and then a plant with five perfect beauties. There have been years where we have had crops with just about every potato perfect. The trouble is, after all these years, I don’t understand what conditions are conducive to the great crops. I do pride myself in observance of our crops on the farm.

This year Chris Estrada, who grows the slips for us on his farm in Turlock, is coming to check on the crops. He says we are over watering and have to stress the plants more. This is a delicious crop which we never seem to have enough of and I am looking forward to a great crop.