These are a cross between apricots and plums. There are many types, depending on which fruit was involved in the marriage. They are tricky to grow at times, because they're not easy to pollinate in the spring. Some crops are self pollinated meaning a bee visits the flower and the same pollen from that tree will do the deed, so to speak. Apriums need cross pollination from another plum or apricot.  This is where both flowers need to be at the same stage of readiness. Weather can play a part, as well as other factors. Winter cold can mess up this union. 

This year we had great timing, but there was rain. This gave the opportunity for a disease to set in and wait. This is brown rot. As the fruit ripens, you may see part of the fruit brown and soften. Please cut that out and discard. The rest of the fruit is delicious.

We give you the fruit firm, because if we leave it on the tree just a few days too long, it can fall off before it is ripe. Did I say this is difficult? Enjoy!