Farmhouse Kitchen

1 cup Fava Beans, don’t need to remove the inner shell

1 clove Garlic

2 tsp Lemon Juice, you can add Zest too

1 TB crumbled Feta

1/2 tsp Eatwell Farm Smoked Chili Salt

Fresh Parsley and Mint, chopped to taste

1 1/2 TB Olive Oil

Take favas out of the pod.  Bring a pot of salted water to boil and add the favas.  Cook about 2 minutes, drain well.  Let cool to handle and then pop the beans out of the skin.  I do find I can often get away with skipping this step, but if you want a really nice creamy purée, go for it.  Add all of the ingredients into the bowl of a processor and run until smooth.  You can add more feta and olive oil if you want it a bit creamier.