Feeding Nigel

We have been doing a lot of exploring regarding cancer and food.  One of the staples Nigel has added to his daily diet is a blended combination of Cottage Cheese and Flax Oil.  This comes from research done by a scientist in Germany - Johanna Budwig.  I too have been enjoying "Budwig", mostly I have it in the morning for breakfast.  The research she did showed, that flax oil can help to oxygenate cells but is better transported when combined with a sulphur based protein like low fat cottage cheese.  In the mornings, we do this with strawberries or other fruit and it makes for a really delicious breakfast.  In the evening Nigel enjoys his Budwig over steamed vegetables, like chard and poached egg.  I immediately notice that my body got much leaner, weight was coming off, but I felt and look much stronger.  Not making diet recommendations here, but wanting to share personal experience.  Nigel and I are looking forward to getting home and enjoying our Budwig again!

The Budwig Cream

1 part Flax Oil 

2 parts Low Fat Cottage Cheese

For one serving we use 2 TB Flax Oil and 4 TB Cottage Cheese, combined in a bowl.  Using an immersion blender we blend it all until the oil is completely emulsified.

2 TB whole Flax Seeds, freshly ground in a coffee grinder

Budwig in the morning, we blend the oil and cottage cheese.  Nigel is eating turmeric with every meal so he includes about 1/2 tsp to the mix here, even with fruit.  We like to throw some fruit, strawberries or plums would be wonderful, in during the blending process and some just cut to put on in the bowl.  Grind the flax seeds and in a soup bowl mix with 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of good honey, and a pinch of cinnamon.  Scoop the Budwig cream over the ground flax seeds, top with fresh fruit and enjoy.  You can also add some boiled/steamed potatoes to the mix.

Budwig Cream Over Steamed Chard and/or Stir Fry Mix

Gently steam greens of choice, in a skillet with a minimal amount of water.  Once the greens arefairly soft, crack a couple of eggs right on top of the greens.  Cover the skillet and cook long enough to poach the eggs.  Make the Budwig cream, some turmeric and or other spices added to the cream is really delicious.  Grind some flax seeds.  Plate the chard and poached egg, pour over some of the cream and sprinkle on the ground flax seeds, salt and pepper to taste.  A little lemon juice or zest is also very delicious.  This make a complete meal in a bowl!