This past weekend was our second annual Lavender Harvest.  15+ people came up to the farm Friday night, to spend their weekend harvesting lavender.  I know for Nigel this is really exciting because of the lavender side of things.  But for me, I cherish the time around the Farmhouse Kitchen tables; the hour for breakfast and lunch, and the leisurely time spent enjoying a farm dinner when this group of strangers has the chance to come together and share the joys of working hard actually harvesting a crop.  From last year's event I remember the laughter and the sound of all the voices in the house, that is a special kind of magic.  Whata unique experience this weekend is for everyone. 

This year of course, Nigel and I were not able to participate, but we had great helpers, aka "the boys", Connie, Elianna and Cameron.  They sent us some wonderful pictures of the work going on, but again, my attention was grabbed by the kitchen photos.  One in particular of Elianna from Bay Leaf Kitchen working with the 4 year old daughter of one of the Lavender crew, just put the biggest smile on my face!  Not sure how much a 4 year old will remember of this very unusual weekend, but how amazing to see the little girl who was so shy Friday night, she wouldn't even look up at us, cooking away in the kitchen Sunday morning!  

I know I talk about changing the world, but I truly believe this is how we do it, bring the kids and the change will happen.  Watching Elianna with her camp kids has been such a joy for me.  Now I am even more excited for the first campers to arrive next week.  Bay Leaf Kitchen does have scholarships available, but Nigel and I feel so grateful for Elianna's help and such a commitment to the Bay Leaf program we would like to offer a scholarship to one of our young CSA members.  This year they have included a Teen Camp, so that is an option too.  If anyone is interested, take a look at the program at Bay Leaf's website, then text or call me at 530-554-3971.