Thank you all for the positive healing energy, prayers, and wishes of improved health.  I feel a strong sense of responsibility these days, as this latest episode has made it glaringly clear the impact the work Nigel and I do has had on our community.  In the middle of all of this, it is hard to realize that we have many close friends who are also feeling quite emotional and share in their way, our horror and fears.  It shows me that our work is important, we make a difference and that certainly helps sustain us and keeps us moving forward.

I have been thinking a lot these past few days, about which direction we take the farm, and how we grow.  Don't have a clear vision at the moment, but one thing I know has come to us loud and clear, community will be at the center of it all.

Nigel was released Monday night, thank goodness.   So happy to bring him home.  He will come in every day for these two weeks for radiation treatments, and he will continue with chemo on Fridays for an undetermined amount of time.  But we are going to stuff him with good, fresh farm food, and lots of fresh juices.  One of you sent me a link to a site for meditations, looking forward to checking that out.

We love our CSA family and can't thank you enough for allowing us to do the work we do.  The one area we desperately need help with is sharing with friends, family, co-workers info about Eatwell Farm and the CSA program.  With all the changes in the Bay Area over the last 8 years, our CSA numbers have really declined.  It's not just us, most CSA's will tell you the same story.  The fact is, there is a lot of new competition, whether it is being fed two meals a day at work, or home delivery options like Good Eggs or Grub or Amazon, Whole Foods or Safeway, or an increase in inexpensive organic options from Mexico.  California farms are hurting, and if we want to keep the local food movement viable, it must be supported.  We always have post cards available for you to share, just let Connie know if you would like a stack.  Summer is particularly tough as many of you go off on vacation (hope you have fantastic vacations) and you put your CSA share on hold.  This could be a great opportunity to share your CSA and let a friend or neighbor pick it up and enjoy while you are gone, a great way to help the farm out.  In any case, summer is just about officially here, I for one plan on having a good one.  Solstice is this weekend and Nigel and I are really looking forward to that.  Many people have been sharing that they recently ran out of canned tomatoes from last summer, thank goodness fresh ones are nearly ready!  Lots of love from your Farmers.