We have just concluded our month long celebration of the Strawberry Harvest at Eatwell Farm. Our Strawberry Days on the Farm brought so many of you out to revel and relish in the first of many crops Eatwell Farm is known for. It means so much to us to get to share this experience with you. We were anticipating the strawberry harvest since March and were extremely happy with the turn out, of both you and the berries. It is quite an experience for you to have when the strawberries arrive in your box for the first time, but to see them in the field, taste them straight from the plants, and harvest them yourself is a memory you and your loved ones will always cherish. You get to truly experience what Eatwell Farm does after a visit. You not only get to celebrate the harvest, but also relax, tour, and visit with everyone else involved in the farm. I was in awe each weekend to see so many families, friends, and loved ones enjoying themselves and the farm.

We have so much more to celebrate this year! The Lavender has already begun to flower. We have a Lavender Harvest Work Weekend planned to cut, bunch, and hang lavender flowers for drying. In June, we will harvest and braid the Garlic at our Sumer Solstice Sleepover and Garlic Braiding Party. This can be very tedious, but with a larger group, we can accomplish so much, have a lot of fun, and it is well worth the effort to have garlic the rest of the year. July and August will bring us tomatoes! In order to keep up with the production, we make Tomato Sauce! We invite you out to make some yourselves at our Tomato Sauce Canning Party. Bring your cooking supplies, your best friends, and your favorite recipe. We will provide the tomatoes! The event season ends with a Pumpkin Party and Harvest Market in October. A U-Pick Pumpkin Patch and homemade items from local venders is a great way to celebrate fall. Please join us this season at Eatwell Farm! For more information or to sign up for an event, go to eatwell.com/events. For a more private experience, consider reserving a night in The Nest, our lotus-belle tent located adjacent to the lavender fields at Eatwell Farm. We would love to see you at the farm this year!