And one of those things is the very messy joy of eating Mulberries.  The mulberry is the only berry that grows on a tree.  We have a nice row of them out next to the grapes.  This time of year they are ripe, juicy and delicious.  Sadly, they are extremely fragile and impossible to put in the box.  But if you come up for an event like the Summer Solstice Sleepover, you get to go out and enjoy them.  The farm is available to members this weekend for 4th of July camping, free, if anyone is interested.

One of my favorite things about the summer, is when I get a chance to go out to the strawberries in the mornings.  Not really early, you want enough sun time for the berries to warm up a bit.  Sitting in the field, picking and eating warm strawberries is amazing, and no matter how good a strawberry is, it will never taste that good.  Fortunately, we have strawberries throughout the entire summer, so you will opportunities to experience this yourself if you come up for a Tomato Sauce Canning Party.