This last weekend was our first Tomato Sauce Canning Party at the farm this season. I had heard numerous stories of what these events were like, but this was my first time attending. With 102° temperatures, not only were the tomatoes cooking, but so were we! We had a great turn out, which included both experienced canners, as well as, novices, with everyone sharing tools, tomatoes, and conversation. There was an incredible array of equipment from camping stoves to brewery kettles and the tomatoes were plentiful. We had Romas, Heirlooms, and Red Slicers available for processing and the field crews continued bringing crates of them throughout the day. I recommend you join us for one of the upcoming events. It is not easy to describe the atmosphere that occurs when you bring together a large group of extremely motivated and friendly individuals determined to make sauce! You must experience this for yourself.

Our next events are August 6th-7th and August 20th-21st. Get information and tickets at