We did have a few folks, all women actually, take us up on the offer to camp on the farm this past weekend.  The farm on non-event weekends is pretty amazing, not that it isn't amazing on event weekends, but in a different way. It is peaceful and relatively quiet in a farm way - nothing stops the roosters or the geese.   Everyone took me up on my offer of breakfast in the farmhouse and as it was just a small group of us I could make some Eatwell Pancakes.  Our heirloom wheat flour really makes the best pancakes. I always wish I could make them for you all when we have the big sleepovers, but I just don't think I can get them out to you fast enough.  It was wonderful to have the time to really visit and talk over breakfast.  It always feels like the event breakfasts are a mad dash to get food ready and out for everyone and I don't get much time to visit.  So keep in mind, as a CSA member, the farm is yours to enjoy.  If you need a weekend, or a couple of weekdays away from the hustle and bustle of city life, let us know, and come up for a few days of camping!