I don’t consider myself a strong ‘birder’, but it is hard not to notice the diversity of birds throughout the farm.  From the raptors perched within the tree lines, the orioles seen flying over the fields at the peak of strawberry season, and the California quails roosting on the chicken tractors, I’ve come across over 30 different birds on the farm since I’ve been here. These birds are a prominent indicator of the good land stewardship that occurs on the farm. Prior to working full-time at Eatwell Farm, I worked in land restoration. I had projects recreating landscapes with native oak woodlands throughout the Sacramento area. Of the numerous sites I visited and worked on, I never came across the magnitude of diversity I see here and some of those project sites included wildlife refuges. It is incredible to see what 100 acres of an organic, diverse farm cropping system can create for the wildlife in the area.  The bird variety shows there is quality habitat, food, and nesting opportunities available. In return for providing this, the farm is rewarded with increased pollination, pest control, and a better balance in the environment.  This balance is what we strive for in an organic farming system. We hope by taking care of the land, soil, and plants, the above and below ground wildlife can thrive and keep each other in check, and we can have an abundance of healthy produce.