Last Thursday was the final session of summer camp for Bay Leaf Kitchen.  This session was for the teens.  Many of them had been out to the farm before, either in previous years, or as a Counselor in Training this year.  Over 80% of the kids were on scholarship.  There were some kids that had never been to a farm before, or camping.  One girl told me she had never even eaten a strawberry she liked and was so grateful to have finally tasted one that was delicious! One of the scholarship girls saved her babysitting money to pay the deposit for the camp. Now that is dedication! It just brings tears to my eyes.  By teaching our youth how to cook, showing them how food grows and where it is coming from, beyond the super market, we offer them independence and confidence for their future. This all can come from the ability to feed themselves.  The guest chef this week was Shannon Waters from Aatxe.  Although Aatxe does Spanish Tapas, her theme for the night was Jamaican, and it was fantastic.  It is really something special watching these young kids and teens working with professional chefs. They make an incredible dinner and use so many fresh ingredients from the farm.  The entire dinner was outstanding, BUT they made "Stomp and Go", which is what we usually refer to as zucchini fritters. These were simply amazing.  I can tell you, that platter disappeared so fast, and I was too slow to get any seconds.  I have been thinking about them ever since, and will definitely be making them this week. The story behind this dish is included with the recipes.