Yes, we have tomatoes!  We have cherries, we have slicers, we have heirlooms and now we have the San Marzanos!  These are my favorite for cooking.  Last year, I went through a craze of cutting them in half, putting them into a roasting pan or skillet, drizzling over some olive oil and a nice sprinkling of our Rosemary Salt.  Popped them in the oven at 325ish for a couple of hours and out came the most delicious tomato thing I have ever tasted!  You can store these, covered with oil in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks, if you don't eat them all right away.  The seeds for these beauties actually come from Italy and they are pretty expensive. The San Marzanos are a skinny plum tomato and a bit funny looking, not big and plump like the Romas we are used to and very often they have a green bit on their tops.  Traditionally, these are used for the finest sauces in Italy and when grown in the Sarno region can be labeled with the DOP - designation of origin.  This is serious business in Italy.  They are the only tomato used for a true Neapolitan Pizza.   It is favored because it has fewer seeds, more meat and therefore makes a superior sauce.  By now, you must realize that I am a bit crazy for these tomatoes, so I hope you give them a try either roasted with olive oil and salt or maybe make a little sauce.