Such a great way to use up leftovers, or bits and bobs of vegetables you didn't use up in other dishes.  I made an eggplant dip by roasting them in the oven until really soft and mashing them up with some tahini, fresh garlic, feta cheese, salt and sumac.  I didn't have any lemon which is why I used the sumac.  Basically a Baba Ganoush, but a little free form.  Sliced Lunchbox Peppers will add great flavor and crispiness to the mix,  but you could also roast them until really soft with a bit of Olive Oil.  Leftover grilled Summer Squash is great on a Mezze platter, alongside thick slices of Heirloom Tomatoes, slices of Cucumber, cheese like cubed Feta, or use whatever you have in the house.  If you have some olives, put those in a bowl, some sliced fruit,  plums and nectarines, maybe on top of good ricotta with a drizzle of honey.  A little bowl of nuts, walnuts or almonds, or pistachios, are nice way to throw some fatty, crunchy protein into the mix.  Good pita bread is nice.  Be creative, this is your opportunity to have fun and use up some leftover goodies in the fridge.  I am writing this before breakfast and now I have to go, because I am so hungry!  Enjoy!