Found this recipe on High Ground Organic's website by Chef Andrew Cohen

1 bunch Turnips

1 large Carrot (optional)

1 TB Kosher Salt

1 cup Rice Vinegar

1 cup Water

1/2 cup Sugar

Peel the turnips and use a mandolin to slice them as thinly as you can and keep them whole.  If you do not have a mandolin, I recommend slicing the top and bottom flat so you have a firm base and the turnip does not roll.  If using the carrot, peel and slice the carrot as thinly as the turnips.  Use the same shape or shred thin.  Sprinklethe vegetables with the salt, toss to coat evenly and "massage" thevegetables a little.  While the vegetables wilt, combine the water, vinegar, and sugar in a jar and shake until the sugar goes into suspension (disappears from sight).  When the vegetable have begun to wilt and halve lost their rawness, rinse inplenty of cold water.  Taste a slice to be sure the salt is gone.  Add the vegetables to the dressing and allow to marinate at least an hour.  Chill the pickles, then use when cold.