I know it is a bit cliche, but this morning it just feels so apt.  Last week I wrote about the State of the CSA and your response has been tremendous (we have run that same article again this week for all of the ‘every other week’ folks)!  Within a couple of hours of the post hitting FB, we had a few thousand reaches and 5 new CSA members!  I realize, with a goal of 250 by October 31 (I have added a date to my goal!), 5 doesn't seem like much.  By this time, we have reached 40 taking advantage of the first time discount code, so we are well on our way.  My heart is overwhelmed by your response and support.

However, there is another reason for writing about the Can Do Spirit and here is that little story.  It's Monday morning, I am in Davis waiting on my train to take me to a friend's wedding in SF.  I noticed a blind man walking out of the station.  He clearly is well adapted to his lack of vision.  When I saw him from the side, I realized I actually knew him from when he was a little kid.  His mom shopped at the health food store where I worked nearly 30 years ago.  Hoby was born blind and as he looks like the grown version of that very happy little boy I knew, I was pretty sure it was him.  I went over to say hello and let him know I knew him when he was a baby.  As it turns out, he is friends with my son Cameron.  He was so excited to see me, his exact words were "how nice it is to see you!", which made me realize this is a man who doesn't let much hold him down.   He asked what the heck I was doing in Davis and of course I asked him what the heck he was doing in Davis.  He's just finishing up his doctorate in organic chemistry at UCD!  That is an enormous achievement for anyone, but how amazing that he has not let his lack of eye sight hold him back.  How utterly amazing he is and what a tremendous lesson I can learn from him.  Life can certainly throw us a load ofcrap, but if Hoby can overcome, I think I can as well.  This morning just before I left the house,  Nigel and I were discussing how slow his recovery has been.  I definitely felt my optimism waining, but this unexpected meeting has kicked me right out of that.  Thank you Hoby, you have no idea what this chance encounter meant to me!