Hard to not be impressed with boxes like these!  Nigel was the famous Tomato Wonderland farmer and we are certainly in the thick of it these days.  I always ask that all the Roma tomatoes that do not sell at the market come back to the farm.  I spend a couple of days, taking my time, roasting them in giant pans, draining off the extra liquid (which I reduce in a separate pot), quickly run them through the food mill, and then cook on low to thicken up my sauce.  It's easy, it doesn't take much active time and works well with my schedule.    

This past winter we ran out of tomato sauce and I am determined to make sure that doesn't happen again!  There are still tickets available for this weekend's Sauce Party, believe me, if you haven't sauced at Eatwell, you will be very happy with yourself in January if you do.  

So take advantage of the 2,000 + lbs of tomatoes the crew picks for the Tomato Sauce Canning events and fill your winter pantry with summer's bounty!