Recipe by Shannon Waters from Aatxe

So the story behind Stomp and Go, as a Jamaican dish, is when sailors would come into port, they had little time.  Always in a hurry, they needed some food fast and the street vendors would make up these zucchini fritters.  They became very popular, but the impatient, hurried sailors, would come up to the stand, stomp their feet to hurry up the cook, grab their food and go - Stomp and Go.  I loved Shannon's enthusiasm for the history behind the meal she was cooking with the kids and I love to hear these stories as well.  Here is the recipe she sent me and (like me) she is not much of a measurer, but I think it all comes down more to consistency, which basically is like a pancake batter.


Baking Soda

Grated Squash

Grated Garlic

Grated Lunchbox Pepper


Lemon Zest

Parsley and Cilantro

Sunflower Oil for Frying

Grate the squash into a bowl using the cheese grater's largest setting.  Grate the garlic, peppers and lemon zest, using a microplane, into the mix.  Season with salt, chopped parsley and cilantro.  Add a dash of baking soda, and flour.  Mix with the flour until it looks like thick pancake batter.  In a high-sided skillet, heat a couple of inches of sunflower oil over medium-high heat.  Carefully spoon in batter and fry until golden. Carefully turn and fry until the other side is golden.  Drain on paper towels and enjoy while hot!  * I made a small batch for myself for breakfast this morning.  I forgot the lemon zest and I don't have any parsley or cilantro in the house, and still, they were DELICIOUS.  I also did not measure, but here is what I did: 1 medium sized zucchini, 1 of the smaller red peppers, the baking soda really was just a pinch, maybe two, and the flour was probably close to 1/2 cup. Start with less, you can always add more.  Also, I didn't read before I got started and so I grated in a small amount of onion, which was just fine.  They get dark brown pretty fast, so I would keep an eye on your temperature.  I really hope some of you give these a try. This is probably the best way ever to get your kids who usually do not eat zucchini and turn them into big fans!