Eric and Andrew, aka "The Boys" left for their respective colleges several weeks ago.  This is their second year.  Last Friday, we got to see Josephine off to her first year at UC Santa Cruz.  Josephine, like her older siblings Natasha and Havel, has helped us out at the market for the past several years.  She has come up to the farm many times to help at various events and is one of the kids growing up around us.  This soft spoken young woman always handled herself just fine at the very fast paced Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and has been such a joy to watch grow up.  She is the last of this group to move on.  Her brother Havel heads back to SLO for his final year there studying architecture.  Natasha graduated a couple of years ago.  Havel's girlfriend Joyce is in her last year at Berkeley.  All of them have been very important parts of making the Eatwell Farm Stand a very special place to shop and to work.  When the boys are home and Natasha is up from LA, they all converge at the farm. Usually, if it works, my son Cameron comes up and joins in the revelry.  All of them know they have a farm they grew up with and it is a place for them to come, where they can be silly, eat a lot of good food and get out of the city.  As we said our goodbyes to Josie, I couldn't help but think that the farm also helps grow kids, and she has grown into a very special young lady.