Every year, Eric Tucker from Millenium comes up to the farm with a small crew to taste, pick and plan their Tomato Dinner.  Unfortunately this year Nigel couldn't go, but Connie and I went down. For those of you who are not familiar with Millenium - it is a vegan restaurant, that was in SF for years.  Last summer, they moved over to Oakland, just a short walk from the Rockridge BART station.  Now most of you know Nigel and I are not vegetarians, and obviously not vegans, so believe me when I say, every year this meal is one of the best I have ever had.  Eric is truly an inspired chef and creator, and the food Millenium puts on the plate has such rich, deep flavors, and every bite is a delight and a surprise.  This level of fine cooking is only achieved when you spend hours and hours in the kitchen making rich vegetable stocks and reductions.  The Tomato Dinner is 5 courses, each one featuring the tomato, including the dessert.  Not one single dish disappoints, not even slightly.  Joyce and Havel (our dedicated market helpers and CSA members) joined us and all of us left the restaurant completely stuffed, very happy and totally satisfied.  If you live in SF or anywhere in the Bay Area close to BART, I strongly encourage you to hop on and head to Millenium for dinner, you will not be disappointed.  And if you are in the Oakland area, parking in the neighborhood is really easy, a big bonus!  Head on over before the weather changes, and sit out on the back patio, it is beautiful.