I am really happy to point out the number of CSA shares this week is well over 500!  Thank you all for the support, but let's keep it up.  Although I am extremely encouraged by the numbers, my goal is 700 by October 31st. Seeing how we have jumped in just two weeks, I am confident we can achieve this goal.  Connie has been really busy processing orders and staying on top of it all.  We have been talking a great deal, looking at options for drop sites, and other opportunities for us to grow.  We have two new sites starting up in Vacaville with close to 20 new members between them.  Another exciting prospect is working with Rickshaw, the home delivery service we use in SF.  They have expanded to the East Bay and down the Peninsula.  Home delivery is an option more and more of you are taking advantage of, so much we are having to rearrange where we deliver those shares for Rickshaw to pickup. The sites are getting too full.  This is a great problem to have and we are thrilled to expand!  We were recently approached by the Library in Vallejo, they are looking to partner with a local CSA as a drop site.  Their thought is, it is a healthy reason for people to come to the library and they are looking to expand the cook book section as well as health and nutrition sections.  They will promote the CSA so it is a win/win for us all!  This is a great example of being creative and partnering with groups or businesses to help us all grow.  If we all think outside the "box" I am sure we can find more great ideas.  Thank you all, we can't do this without you!