We’ve achieved that time of year where I’m starting to think that I’ll freak out if I see one more recipe for potato leek soup or roasted butternut squash. Now, these things are fantastic but (probably) like you, I’m reaching my limit and I’m looking for something new to do with these gorgeous vegetables. 

Lucky for us, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. First up is one of my favorite condiments/ingredients. Kimchee is a spicy fermented vegetable that you can make year round, and it works well with a wide range of ingredients! Start with this cabbage and apple version (Cabbage is in your box this week), and feel free to toss in some carrot, radish, cucumber, or sub in pear for the apple! Once your kimchi is done, you can use it to compliment a Korean BBQ or make one of my favorite winter dishes: Kimchi fried rice!

Serious Eats

Ingredients for Day 1

1 large head cabbage

6 tablespoons salt

Ingredients for Day 2

4 scallions, including tops

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 tablespoons Sriracha (or substitute another garlic chili sauce)

1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

1 teaspoon sugar

1 cup sliced or grated apple (any kind will do)

1 tablespoon salt

Cut cabbage into 1-inch square pieces, or a large shred like thick coleslaw (I find this cut makes it easier and more versatile once it's done). Place in a bowl, and sprinkle with salt. Add water to cover, and mix well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and let stand in a cool place overnight.

The next day, drain the cabbage and rinse quickly under cold running water. Cut the scallions into 1-inch lengths, then cut lengthwise into thin slices. In a bowl, combine the scallions with the rinsed cabbage, garlic, chili sauce, ginger, sugar, apples, salt and enough water to cover. Mix well, and place in a quart jar with a lid. 

Close the jar, and let stand for a few days in a cool place.

Taste mixture every day, and when it has a good balance of flavor and acidity, place in the refrigerator (four to five days usually). The kimchee will keep for two weeks.