We are always experimenting with new varieties. This leek was grown here last year. We like the nice long white stem. The varieties we grow have flavor, but so many people discard the green parts. We have been looking for one that has a longer white stem.  Some of you have the long stemmed Bulgarian leeks in your harvest share today. The seed was bought from rareseeds.com who have the seed bank store in Petaluma. This year, we decided to grow only this variety. 

One way we keep our seed planting record is in photo form. This bag is going to Headstart nursery in Gilroy. I am requesting 12,000 plants on weeks 30, 34 and 36. We ask them to sow three seeds in each cell of which two or three will germinate. This is called a multi sown cell and in our fertile soil this means we can almost double the amount of leeks for the same cost of plants. 

If you have any questions about how we grow crops let me know.