This is a rather frightening piece of equipment; it literally shoots a flame out of the end.  Nigel bought it several years ago, but none of our guys likes to use it, so it sits.  It has been parked in this spot for a few years now, standing as a reminder of good ideas that don’t pan out.  Nigel was never afraid of making mistakes, he was more afraid of standing still.  Forward motion was always his preferred mode in life.  I often feel compelled to just do something, even though I really don’t know what I am doing.  You see he trained me well, but I have to remember I don’t have the encyclopedic amounts of information in my head like he did, so rapid decisions from me aren’t always the best choice.  The flame weeder sits there reminding me that Nigel made mistakes too and the farm has more than survived, so I guess it will be OK when I make them too.