Impossible to believe but when I checked the calendar this morning we are two weeks from Thanksgiving! As I write this I am finishing up a wonderful long weekend escape in Puerto Vallarta with one of my oldest friends. When I get home I definitely have to shift gears into full-blown fall feast mode. I know many of you leave town for the holidays so I wanted to remind you all that you can donate your share to the Care Share fund rather than putting on hold. On a weekly basis, we are delivering boxes to The Family House connected to the Children’s hospital at UCSF Mission Bay, and shares are going to the seniors at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House. Additionally, we have individual Care Share members who are battling serious illnesses who are so grateful to receive fresh fruits and veg every week. This is such important work and I am very proud to be in a position, with your generous support, to offer more than just the 10 boxes the farm has committed to on a weekly basis. If you are not putting your box on hold anytime soon but you would like to give you can donate shares directly as an add-on. Thank you all for the support you have already given this program.$29.00 is not much, but a box of produce can make a big difference to someone who really needs good nutrition!