Nigel @ Sheepsdrove Farm.jpg

Nigel’s birthday is Christmas Eve. I can’t believe we will be celebrating without him. On that day we will sprinkle some of his ashes in a park near his parents’ home. It will be good to have us all together, especially during such an emotional time.  The rest of Nigel’s ashes will stay here on the farm. I plan to distribute some around the farm and buried under an oak tree at a memorial we are planning for next summer, to which you will all be invited. Nigel’s passing came so fast. Even though we had been battling his cancer for 5 1/2 years, he was doing so well just days before I rushed him into hospital. 

I still can’t believe this is my life. When you are in fight mode, it is really hard to stop, and I just wasn’t prepared for this as our ending. Never the less, here I am, a farmer and a woman faced with decades without her soulmate. 

The bright side is, this farm definitely carries Nigel’s spirit.  And the man I fell in love with is infused in every aspect of this farm, and our home, so here is where I will stay. It is a blessing to find your place in this world. I am very grateful to have found mine. Eatwell encompasses every passion I have, food, cooking, community, family, children, teaching children and bringing people together around a sustainable way to produce food. Thank you all for helping me fulfill my passions. 

And thank you, Nigel, for giving me this love. I love you forever.