Cameron and I spent much of the week working on the seed/plant orders for the coming year. After hours of compiling information from the last two years’ invoices for seeds, plants, and Headstart orders, it is time to start putting orders together, and get next year’s plan on paper.  Cameron did an amazing job of collating that massive amount of information, and I can assure you it wasn’t simple.  Nigel never planned for not being here, and so we don’t have a list to guide us through this process.  There are no simple or clear records of exactly what he ordered, when they were planted, how much was planted, how he put his mixes together, so it has been an enormous project pulling that puzzle apart and putting it back together again. I believe he never truly understood just how amazing his brain was, and how much information he juggled all the time, and how that is not a simple thing to decipher. 

None the less, we have come to a place where PO’s are being generated, and we are getting a sense of what we will grow next year and when. I am sure there will be a few things to slip through the cracks, but I feel very positive about the work Cameron has put into this project, and because of that I am confident our mistakes will be manageable.