A few weeks ago, I wrote about my saffron harvest.  I was really proud of my little potted plants.  The following week, I was running back into the house after feeding Stella and I noticed the solar lights were on the ground all around the pots they had been in the night before.  Hmmm that was weird, how on earth?  Then the realization hit, not only were the solar lights strewn all about but there was soil and greenery everywhere!  I quickly realized those darn geese had been feasting on my crocus plants and enjoying the bulbs as well!  I was devastated, and heartbroken.  I couldn't believe that in one early morning, they could get through every pot.  Now I have to rethink where I will plant my remaining bulbs.  As much as I love our Police Geese, right now they definitely are not bringing me any joy.