Just before Nigel and I started dating, he came up to me at the farmers market and said "I have a little Valentine's present for you".  I've never been a fan of this particular holiday, way too many have been nothing but disappointment.  So feeling very uncomfortable and nervous about this English Farmer, I followed him to his stand.  But what he gave me was such a surprise, and definitely not your ordinary Valentine, a big, gorgeous Romanesco!  Nigel knew I loved to cook and he thought I would really enjoy this edible piece of fractal art!  I did, and I was relieved, and overjoyed.  This morning when I brought Nigel his ginger tea, there on the bed waiting for me was - no, not a Romanesco - a beautiful card and my favorite Recchiuti Chocolates.  We have sneaky helper elves working for us at the market these days, since Nigel can't get down there to buy things himself, he has them magically sent back to the farm to surprise me!  We have come a long way since that first Valentine Romanesco, and you know I will be cooking some tonight!