On my recent trip to DC, one of the most exciting things I got to see was Julia Child's kitchen at the Smithsonian! In 1963, she began a very long run of pbs programs inviting us into her kitchen.  For decades Julia shared her knowledge, expertise, talent and passion for food and cooking.  I was a year old when that all began, and honestly I have noidea how old I was when I first started watching her programs on channel 9.  But for as long as I can remember, she was always one of my idols.  Julia, and Jacques of course, helped shape my life.  She inspired me to throw dinner parties for my family when I was 9, I made stuffed pork chops and spinach.  Julia made everything look like it was approachable, after all, she was the master.  But most importantlyshe showed us how she made mistakes and that made it OK for me to goof up, too.  

Today I find I am no longer driven by recipes, but rather what the farm sends our way.  As much as I love deliciously crafted sauces and fancy meals, I find myself enjoying the simpler dishes that let the fresh flavors shine on their own.  My new best friend, the oven, creates the simplest and most delicious roasted vegetables, from cauliflower to cabbage to kale.  No longer does roasted veg simply mean winter squash, potatoes and carrots.  The world of food and cooking has changed so dramatically since 1963 when TV dinners were pushed as the latest and greatest!  But I truly believe because of people like Julia Child who showed us that cooking was fun and delicious we now live in a time where many of us cook, because we love it.