In last Friday's email we introduced our new share size, the perfect Box for 2.  I know many folks don't read the Friday email and some folks don't read the newsletter every week.  Forgive us if we repeat things, but we want everyone to know what is available from the farm.

For some years now, members have told us they needed to give up the CSA because it was just too much food.  When we looked at how members subscribe we found that nearly 70% of you get a box every other week.  With these two factors it became very clear - we needed to make a serious effort to find a smaller box that works for us (the box company we currently use doesn't offer one).  One of the simplest ways to increase our subscription numbers is to create a box that fits those of you who don't need as many fruits and veggies on a weekly basis. Ideally, this box will ensure you have your favorite farm produce fresh every week.  

A few simple factors never really occurred to me, such as sharing space in the refrigerator with 5 roommates is a big problem with that much produce.  A couple of our trial run folks told us how much easier it is to walk home carrying the smaller box.  Farm life is really very different from City life.  And a few of them also shared how much simpler it was to plan their weekly meals with fewer items, so they found they got through the box quite easily.  

Connie has added both size shares, the Box for 2 and the original, (now referred to as the Family Box) as Add-on items.  Now if you have folks visiting, or you are having a dinner party and would like extra fruit and veg, you can order a one time extra box.  The Box for 2 in particular is the perfect extra bit.  Save time shopping, get more of your favorite items, and it will come with your regular CSA box as an extra item.  Really easy.  And just as a reminder if you are going on vacation or out of town on business?  No problem, you can still put your share on hold so you don't miss out.

Now is the time to invite your friends and family to join the farm!  As a little incentive to help them make that decision, please pass along this coupon code for 15% off their first 4 boxes (and don't forget to have them put your name in the referral box so you get your goodie!): CSADAY17.  Also, we have home delivery for Peninsula folks so they can join the farm now too!