from my childhood, by my Mom, Donna

2 cups AP flour

⅓  C sugar

¼  t baking soda

 ½  t kosher salt

1 t baking powder

 ¼  C unsalted butter

¾  C raisins, as an adult I have come to soften these in bourbon

1 egg, beaten

1 t vanilla

1 C buttermilk

Stir together in a large bowl the flour, sugar, soda, salt and baking powder. With a pastry blender cut in butter until the mixture looks like corn meal. Stir in raisins and make a well in the center of the ingredients. In another bowl, stir together the egg, vanilla and buttermilk. Pour into the well and stir just until the flour is thoroughly moistened. Place dough in a well-greased 9 or 10 inch iron frying pan and bake at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes or until a deep golden color is reached. Serve immediately!

Servings: 8

Source: The Mercury News Food Section, 1973