Breakfast Patties

So this week I used our leftover garlicky mashed potatoes for a delicious breakfast.  To the potatoes, I added 1 egg, a little bit of all purpose flour, some bread crumbs, and some chopped parsley and chives, salt and pepper to taste.  Mixed well, made patties and fried in some fat.  It was breakfast and I had made bacon, ergo I used bacon fat.  Make sure the fat is good and hot, fry until crispy and golden, gently flip and fry until the other side is golden and crispy too.  We enjoyed these with said bacon and fried eggs, one of Nigel's favorite breakfasts!


Leftover Rice and Veg

Again, we turned this into a breakfast.  Re-heat the rice in a skillet with a little oil or butter.  You can add some more greens if you like, better yet, this is the perfect time to add the green tops from your Spring Onion.  If you would like to make a fried rice, make a very thin omelette and add it to the rice once it is fully heated.  You can pre chop the omelette or chop it up in the fry pan.  This week I decided to go with a poached egg on top of our rice bowl.  We both added a dollop of sour cream, Nigel added green Tobasco to his, I added a little soy sauce to mine.  All in all, it made for a perfect breakfast, but of course you could enjoy this meal any time of the day!