I find I am really pretty exhausted these days.  Running to UCSF several times a week can be pretty draining on top of everything else.  So I love to make dishes that are easy and incorporate a couple of aspects of a meal into one dish.  And if I can "repurpose" that dish into a another meal all the better!

3 TB Butter or Oil

2 cups Brown Basmatti Rice

4 cups Vegetable or Eatwell Farm Chicken Stock


2-3 Carrots, washed and diced

1-2 Spring Onions, save the tops for another dish

1 Stalk Spring Garlic

Greens, you can use any of the greens from the box, chopped.

I like to saute the onion, garlic and carrots in the butter first.  Then add the rice and cook just until it smells a little nutty.  Add the stock, and the greens, mix well, then cook your rice how you like.